50 Plus Mentors

Make a difference through MDK’s 50 Plus Mentoring Initiative

Studies show that 1 in every 3 young people grow up without having a mentor!

None of us would be where we are today without the inspiration and support of caring adults who helped us find the right path.

Why is mentorship important to young girls?

  • Mentoring builds  young girls’ self-esteem
  • Mentoring provides knowledge and enables young girls to explore different career opportunities not often available in a classroom or work setting.
  • Mentor programs break down stereotypes surrounding certain professions and populations.
  • Mentor relationships promote awareness of a community’s diversity
  • Mentoring teaches the young about teamwork, networking and friendship.  

MDK’s 50 Plus Mentors Initiative is giving inspiring females in the Tampa Bay Area, an opportunity to connect and become a ray of hope and role model for adolescent and teen girls by showing them all that is possible in their education, career and future.


Martha Ann Henderson

I mentor young girls to encourage their ambition, empower their confidence, and to help keep them on the right track to accomplishing their future goals.

Join the 50 Plus Mentors’ Initiative today.

When you become a mentor with MDK, you show young girls a window into a future they never knew possible. You will full fill the role of a personal consultant, coach, advocate and Cheerleader! Our purpose is to present women who are thriving in their personal, professional and spiritual lives and are graciously willing to help us develop a model for success for young girls and teens through-out or community. My Daughter’s Keeper of Tampa Bay, Inc. welcome your presence.